Technology and innovation in hydraulic jacks.

"We are continuously improving so as to design the solution that each customer needs.
Solving in this way all the challenges they present us, becoming in this way a leader
brand in hydraulic jacks”.


ERREVE Metallurgist is an Argentine Company with wide background in the market, which since 1980 devotes itself to offering technological products and solutions for the tyre and mechanics market. It has evolved since its beginning including new and better technologies, which led to its growth and ample experience. ERREVE designed the solution for customers and solves each of the challenges faced by them, in this way it has become a leader brand in its sector. More over, we know that a hydraulic jack must be an efficient, reliable tool, and what is more important, the guarantee of a long lasting product throughout time. We have made this possible by developing light designs respect of the structure and technology used.