Extra Flat Hydraulic Jack

Gato hidrŠulico tipo carro Erreve


• It is ideal for the maintenance of race cars, and for its use in tyre mechanics and mechanics garages in general.
• Its 7 cm. Height per 40 cm. arm length makes it easy to use in small places where another jack cannot be used. Moreover, its small size makes the job easier, faster and more efficient.
• It has steel bushings and axes,the feeding piston and rod are templated and rectified. This avoids wearing.
• Trays and catches are guaranteed quality.
• Wheels are made of high impact plastic, which make its movement easier.
• It has a tray to carry objects.
• It has a height limiter, a valve against overload and security grip.
• It is totally manufactured in our plant by highly qualified staff with several quality controls Tests are carried out with overload so as to insure resistance. This makes the product a long lasting an reliable one.